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Content Credits
Concept: Christian Solazzo
Lyrics by: Christian Solazzo / Mz. Love Lee
Copyright 2013

Song Synopsis

Throwback to 70s funk with levity and warmth.


Slide - slide my way

Don't let the rain - get you down

Come over here - this way

A little closer - Nice

Come - come to me

Please share - my umbrella

Closer - get up on me

Don't let the rain - wash you down

Move - under my security

uptight! Yeah, that's nice (right!)

Come - come with me

You can have - my umbrella


Sunny skies are here to stay

When you slide, slide, slide - my way


Walk - and roll with me

We'll go down - to the cit'ay

Sit on a park bench and watch the people

As they smile - and fade away

We will kiss the stars tonight

Did you bring - your umbrella


Sunny skies - are her to stay 

When  you slide, slide, slide - my way 

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