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Content Credits
Concept: Christian Solazzo
Lyrics by: Luis Enrique Guzman Pinal / Christian Solazzo
Copyright 2013

Song Synopsis

A psychotic man travels home to Spain in the hopes of reuniting with the woman he loves only to find his life is not what he thought, as the reality of his past comes back to haunt him.


Fade Away...

Through the road I would sway but I'd never give in 

To the stone roads of Spain to redeem all my sins

When the clouds start taking form

Out of lightning I was born 


Hard to follow is your sun

Through the hardships and pain

Through the nights and the haze

I would dream every night of caressing your face

Saw the lighthouse, grabbed the gun

Now the nightmare has begun

Hard to follow is your sun

Loved you in San Sabastian


And I heard the same old song

Take me back where I belong


I was also forgiven and shown the right way

But the truth of the matter you failed here to say 


As the words change into steel

Then the blood stains make it real

Truth is rising; how does it feel

When your whole life turns surreal 


Freed by the soul of the lantern and the way back home


As I walk through the pain of my own insanity

Realizing the truth of my own soul's immortality

Why wasn't I the one to walk into the light

You gave me everything...and I took your life.


Yeah I took your life

So sorry my darling

But you're still in my dreams

I'll never be the same again

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