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DogManic Productions

hosts Local Talk Show


JANUARY 2018DogManic Productions proudly hosts the "Jack Miller, Down to Business" show every other Wednesday at 6 PM. The show is co-hosted by local entrepreneur Jack Miller and Todd Cohen.  Miller and Cohen cover topics ranging from Pop Culture to Local Politics, and is broadcasted [Read More Here]

DogManic Productions


"LIVE at the DOJO" 


JUNE 2018DogManic Productions, partnered with DogManic Recording Studios, hosted their first live show "LIVE From Our DOJO." DogManic Productions invites a local South Florida band onto the show for an interview and a live performance. This week, they hosted CASTAFELLAS . The band  [Read More Here]

DogManic Productions signs Audio Crisis


JANUARY 2018- Audio Crisis, a punk-rock band based out of Palm Beach County, has been re-defining today’s punk-rock music scene.   This past year, the high-energy has landed gigs all over South Florida, including performances at ArtServe, The Red Eye, Marina84, and Briney Irish Pub (just to [Read More Here]

DogManic Productions

co-produces CASTAFELLAS' EP


JUNE 2018In collaboration with DogManic Productions, Castafellas will be releasing their second EP this August. The alternative rock trio, based out of Palm Beach County, released their first EP in 2016. Castafellas’ describes their latest five-song release as super high energy. This was their [Read More Here]

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