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The Rev King

Content Credits
Concept: Christian Solazzo
Lyrics by: Luis Enrique Guzman Pinal / Christian Solazzo
Copyright 2013

Song Synopsis

About a loner who travels from town to town, seeking solitude on the open road - it is his only way of finding peace. 



I love to feel the rumble


That growls inside of me


I love to feel the open wind


Against my face



I'm ready for the Thunder


I'm ready for the Road


I'mTrying to outrun myself now



I'm coming home


I'm coming home



I'm not a hero


& I'm not your friend


One rock can send spiraling


To no man's land



Scream to the road beneath me


Slice through the air


Free 'till borderline ...hell-bent


I followed the white line


Unto my grave



Fading memories


Of sailing red


Not knowing well the sentinel


Can't light my way



I'm ready for the thunder now


I'm ready for the road



I'm going I'm going I'm going 


stay out of My way


I'm going I'm going I'm going 


 I'm on My way




























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