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Gabriel A. Alvarez Franchi 
ATMOS Engineer and Producer

Gabriel was hired to mix  "The Night Doctrine" ,

a 15-minute animated documentary in the standard fashion of Stereo.

He presented ATMOS Mixing to the production visionaries behind the film, who found the value in Immersive Sound to truly deliver this complex story to Life!


In this incredible short film, an Afghan journalist embarks on a journey to find out who murdered her family 30 years ago, only to uncover hundreds of other civilians killed in secret.


"The Night Doctrine"   is sponsored by The New Yorker, Pro Publica Films, and many others.

It has gone on to receive many accolades & awards. Please enjoy this riveting piece of History.

The Night Doctrine  -  Full Documentary

Tribeca 2023

The New Yorker

Pro Publica

We are currently hard at work on a 30-minute indie film written & produced by Peter Alexander, titled

"What are The Odds?"

A gritty yet funny story of how money and greed can literally BLOW UP, between even the closest of friends.

Once again, Atmos Audio is setting another movie apart from the norm on all levels.


More projects are coming your way!!

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