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Spatial Audio & Immersive Sound

Welcome to Our World of Atmos


Not since the birth of Stereo has there been a more exciting platform for artists, engineers, and producers

to stretch the limitless boundaries of audio placement.

This revolution in audio technology immerses the listener by delivering sounds from

in front, above and all around. This creates a totally new emotional level of entertainment while

listening to music, watching films, or playing video games.

Giving you the feeling of actually being "IN THE IMMERSIVE WORLD”.


Our ATMOS Room features the most up to date Gear & Monitoring systems,

and is designed with cutting edge Acoustic treatment for Sonic Supremacy.


We are excited to be a part of this amazing journey that has no limits!


Please Contact Us to find out more about our Atmos B Room

And Coming in 2024 Our DOLBY Atmos A Room


" If Alan Dower Blumlein (The Father of Stereo) is watching...

I’m sure he has a big smile on his face! "

If you have a concept, song, or project, and desire to stretch the boundaries of your vision with Atmos Audio, let us show you how to elevate your work of art to the highest level.

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