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Wells Cunningham

  " Did a session with the guys at DogManic last night and was beyond impressed! The studio uses all of the latest technology, is absolutely stunning, and the entire team is both friendly and super professional. As if that weren’t enough, they are amazingly talented at what they do. I really can’t recommend DogManic highly enough!"

Tom Alexander

  "  Professionalism and Vibe is critical when I walk into a studio to record. I need to feel like the management and engineers are on the side of the artist. At DogManic, that was apparent the moment we first came through the door. First off, it's a super cool environment, from the tunnel-like entrance to the lighting, the cleanliness and of course the gear and equipment. It's a first class facility. Christian, Aaron and team are just great.

Our music tends to run on the complicated side at times, with layers of synths, percussion, vocal choirs, etc. The full spectrum is addressed because they "get" us. That's what you want from a studio. Care. And they deliver because after all, they're artists too.

I would recommend DogManic wholeheartedly. "

Mark Friedman


I will begin by saying that I have had the pleasure of recording literally All Over the World. It's always been a truly unique experience, no matter what the venue, or recording format. This brings me to the Distinct Pleasure of being in a studio, that I admit I had not heard of before, even though I consider myself a South Floridian. Having spent literally decades in Criteria Studios, I thought that there could not be any other environment more pleasurable to record music. I was completely surprised when I entered DOGMANIC STUDIOS. From the moment I came in I was greeted by the congenial staff, and immediately made to feel at home. The facility itself is completely state of the art, without having a sterile feeling. A warm environment is essential in creating a great recording. The fact that I was honored to be working with the Legendary "Little" Anthony Gourdine, was always a bonus. But, the fact that we were both treated to not only a truly professionally, but a warm, down home feeling, was something to remember.
I will tell everyone who has need of a recording studio, that you will not find a more completely satisfying experience than DOGMANIC STUDIOS!

They are, indeed, THE BEST OF THE BEST!
Professionally, Mark (Mongo) Friedman

Joel DaSilva

  Wonderful studio. Excellent engineers and producers. They get the job done and more. Very easy to work with, safe, clean, plenty of parking. Excellent gear and their knowledge is by far top notch one of the best studios in the world.
Highly recommended this studio and vibe.
5 stars is not enough.
Should be 10 stars.

The Summit

  Dogmanic Recording Studio/Dogmanic Productions is about as professional as it gets. Whether it’s a song or a video, these guys will give you their 110% and you will NOT be disappointed. We’ve had the honor of working with them on our Christmas single “The Christmas Waltz” for both the recording and the video and.. to say we’re satisfied wouldn’t do justice for Jason, Christian and Victor who went above and beyond to make sure we loved everything about it; trust me, don’t miss out and head over to DogManic for all your recording needs! "

Burny Pelsmajer

  " Fantastic. Fantastic people, easy vibe, completely accommodating. You can come in there with any concept, from layering an entire track piece by piece to recording a jazz nonet live, and they can handle it with aplomb. Mixing was great from the get go. Prices are right. If you're recording somewhere else you need to reconsider your life choices. ALL of your life choices. Should you have dropped out of school when you were 19 to walk across Europe, only to never make it out of Delaware? When you left the Merchant Marines, should you not have become a bouncer at a Party City? Was that fish in the fridge for too long? I guess the point is: record at Dogmanic if you want your music to sound good. Bottom line. "

Vance Anderson


"  In one way or another, I have spent over 50 years in music creation, and had the great pleasure of working with wonderful Artists in many studios around the world. You always get the vibe the minute you walk into a studio for the first time. DogManic Recording Studio has a great vibe, built with passion and determination to do it right, with excellent equipment and dedicated staff one would be hard put to find a better studio in SoFlo! Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself, you won’t be disappointed. Vance Anderson.  "

Billy Begley

"   Beyond 5 stars for this studio. Christian was very welcoming, worked with our budget and provided the most professional production in creating our new album. Their recording engineer was absolutely astounding, very fast and incredibly gifted. Not only in editing but also in coming up with ideas for recording and spent a meticulous amount of time on parts that I know other engineers would have looked over. The studio is comfortable, clean, everything is top of the line or brand new. Their baby grand piano is hands down the best piano I've ever played on. You cannot find a better studio to record at in Florida for this rate and this effort. Thanks again, can't wait to record our next album here!   "

Averia Rolle 

 "   We listened to our finished product and it is incredible, can’t express and put into words how grateful and thankful we are to you and the DogManic family for the work sweat and time you’ve put into our project. We are humbled and forever grateful. My mind is still trying to process it all. You guys are a blessings and I prayer that God’s continued blessings, favour, grace and success will continue to be your portion. I declare now that everything your hands touches and everything you see with your hands will prosper. Thank You so much! I’m trying my hardest to write this without getting emotional, if you only knew how long and hard the road has been to get to this point but God! Thank You So Much from HeartBeat Worship Band!  "

Dante Verde

"   As an artist who likes to experiment and do a lot of different things, DOGMANIC has quickly become my music playground. The engineers have so much knowledge and experience, and what’s also cool is some of them are actually artists/musicians themselves. This is really helpful if you’re trying to gauge what direction you should go with a song or maybe you just need another ear to listen and offer you some feedback.

These engineers always recognize what YOU are trying to accomplish, instead of viewing you as another transaction.

Not many studios are like that and as someone who cares, I think it’s a really valuable quality for them to have.

I have nothing but respect for these guys and I have already booked another session. - ✌️   "

Tony Milone



"  DogManic Recording Studios is a truly professional recording studio. Step inside and you will find a well equipped studio with beautiful attention to detail in acoustic treatments in all the various recording spaces they built. They have great sounding rooms/isolation booths. The décor and lighting are fantastic. It’s beautiful – you won’t want to leave once you step inside.

Most importantly, Christian and Jason really took the time to consult with the whole band on the goals of our project. They really made sure they knew what we wanted to achieve and they were incredibly accommodating and supportive in getting us there. They were extremely patient with capturing multiple takes and prepared several different mixes of the music until everyone was fully satisfied with the smallest of details. They are masters with the software and equipment and they really know how to make the artists feel like they are in a place where your creativity is valued and nurtured to fruition.  

Thank you DogManic!
Tony Milone, Drummer for Mandy Moon.

Mark Ruffolo


Hi. My name is Marko Ruffolo and I am a Recording Studio Designer, Sound Engineer, and Record Producer.
I have used DogManic Studios and have truly loved my experience! Here's why:
When deciding on a Studio for a Recording Project, i look for the following:

1. Room Sound:

That is, a Control Room that can correctly translate what i hear when listening in the Tracking Room (which also has to have some character) as well as when i take the mix to the Car or Home.

2. Vibe

3. State of the Art, Industry Standard, Usable Gear, kept in good working condition

4. Honest and Reliable Management
Bonus features in a studio would be Cool Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Amps laying around.
Vibe: Let's start here, because this is really starting to become the #1 thing for me these days. I brought a band to that i have been producing for about three months to DogManic because they said they wanted more "Creative Vibe" from the facility  we normally use. I think my favorite thing when ever i go in the Joint is the look and feel. It just inspires you to want to be at your best and crank out Art! The look has something to do with it, but i know it also comes from the Owner's philosophy and Spirit of Making Music. Christian gets it!.... And i swear, sometimes i think Jimi and Kurt stop by every once and while and give us a helping-hand.


Gear: DogManic has all the right toys!
They have the De Facto Gear: Current Genelec Monitors (w/sub!), UA Mic Pres and Limiters, DBX, API, Drawmer, Distressors, Manley, etc. They have all the names you expect to find. But they also have some secret weapons there too. The GAMA is my favorite! And they have Mics! The Right Mics! De Facto's such as SM57, MD421, KM184, D112, etc. The only time a bring Mics with me is if i get bored with what's in the Mic Closet... which is seldom.


Room Sound:
This is scary! I get my mix 85-90% of what i want on the first Bounce to Disc. That's hard to do without spending some $$ on Acoustic Treatments and Design. The Tracking Room not only looks cool with the custom lighting-design (which the Artists were blown away by) but it sounds really good (the ISOBooths too). When evaluating the Guitar Tone or Over-All Drum Timbre in the TR and then going back into the Control Room, i'm quite confident that I'm going to get a realistic representation to Tape, er' Disc! And that's important! Ownership Character: This actually goes hand in hand with my "Bonus" Criteria.


So a quick anecdote.
When we were setting up Guitar tone, the musicians didn't have the best of Guitars or Amps. Christian went into the TR for a listen. He hung out and got to know the guys bit. Then back into the Control Room and said "listen, i'm gonna lend your band a custom Tele and this Tom Grafe Custom Guitar Amp for the recording".
We fired up The Grafe and the Rhythm Guitarist started jamming on the Tele. Those babies have some mean tone and all of the sudden, both the other Guitarist perked up. The tone inspired and blew them away. I can honestly say, i never heard them play so well (which is to be expected for Musicians, especially Guitar players).
I thanked Christian and asked him why he would do this (Only one other Studio has done this for me my whole 30+years of recording)... he gave me a funny look and said, "Dude, it's the right thing". Ask yourself "when was the last time I heard that?".
DogManic is going to be a hit! They are the biggest "Bang-for-the-Buck" Professional Studio in all of Broward County!

PS Thank You Jason for all for the "extra" help!
Use em or lose out!

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