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Welcome to DogManic Productions and Recording Studios:
South Florida’s Most Diverse Audio and AV Facility.

DogManic’s goal is and has always been to deliver the most engaging and sonically perfect
Recording, Mixing, and Mastering.

All projects that come through our door are treated uniquely, starting with the pre-production meeting, through tracking, to the final production.

Our staff of Engineers have been specifically vetted for their diverse talents and decades of experience in their fields. DogManic’s team of passionate producers and engineers have worked with headlining Acts, Bands, and leading TV / Film companies in Recording, ADR, and Voiceover composition. Our list of clientele has earned our lead and reputation in the industry.

At DogManic RS we have a wide range of promotional tools to help our artists and commercial clients promote the best product and boost their marketing campaigns, and improve their production techniques to increase audience captivation.

We invite you to tour our website to review our work, our clients, reviews and everything DogManic. We are sure you will find what you're looking for.

Follow these links for a deeper look into our diverse list of ARTISTS, MUSIC, ADR & VOCOMMERCIAL CLIENTS, VIDEO PRODUCTIONSand Everything DogManic Productions & Recording Studios !

Studio Tour




CONTROL ROOM neutral 1_edited.jpg

Studio-A, our main control room, is Sonically Tuned for Pure Transparency while Recording, Mixing, and Mastering.


shot 5 pano_large.jpg

DogManic Recording Studios boasts 2 Custom Designed Live Tracking Rooms & 1 large ISO Booth; all of which have been uniquely treated for Sonic Perfection with the highest STC rating.




Screen Shot 2020-04-13 at 9.26.45 PM.png

Studio-B is best for Recording smaller projects. It's also equipped for Editing, Mixing, and Production for both our Audio and Video Departments.


Christian Solazzo

CEO of DogManic Productions & Recording Studios.
Producer/ Music & Film

Christian brings over 40 years of experience in the music industry. 

Whether it be performing, 

recording or producing his full array of talent falls into the fray of the studio on a daily basis. 

Wether producing the studio’s musical artists or commercial clients, 

Christian’s passion for their projects is unbeatable.  


He shares his knowledge in the audio recording and audio visual arenas

to ensure that all our clients get a first class professional product . 


His passion for the arts is evident in his hands on approach 

and detailed contribution to every project that comes through DogManic’s doors.

Aaron Van Allen_Engineer_Website Photo.jpeg
Aaron Van Allen
Recording, Mix and Mastering Engineer

Good things come to those with patience!

Somewhere in Year 4, we started looking for a particular engineer who would expand what our studio offers. After some serious searching, we found Aaron on LinkedIn, and started talking about him joining our team. This meant relocating him from Philly to South Florida. About a year later the move was made...And the rest is history.


This multi-talented Artist, Engineer, Producer, and Teacher has been working with our clients on everything music!


For his full credits and Bio please click the link, or give us a call for an in-person meeting.

Click Here for Aaron's Full Bio

And Previous Work

Gabriel sitting in control room_IMG_5356.jpg
Gabriel A. Alvarez Franchi 
Recording, Mix and Mastering Engineer

Gabriel is a major asset to our team. He brings 15 years of experience in the Music & Film industries. With His strengths in audio recording, editing, mixing and mastering all which have put him in high demand by clients from around the globe.





Gabriel is a Latin Grammy Nominee and is also a voting member for The Latin Grammy Recording Academy®.


Click Here for Gabriel’s Full Bio

And Previous Work

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